A New Leaf

Ponderings in Changing Seasons

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Water Wonders

Annie knew it!  She knew the mystery could call forth understanding in this Wild Child in her charge!  The wetness, the coolness, the texture and flow could unlock the mind.

W ~~~ A ~~~~~ T ~~~~~~~ E ~~~~~~~~~ R


Wild Child was not Dumb.  She had a hindrance:  she was Blind … Deaf and Mute.

This substance that Annie found to break open her soul was there from the creation of the world.  It is a mighty force that moves mountains, gouging them with the chisel of gravity, flowing always lower, lower.  And when it arrives at the lowest place, it stretches out, as if to say, “This is my bed.  I can rest here.”  Without effort, it offers refreshment, re-creation, sustenance for life in and along its boundaries of wet and dry.  A tiny seed immersed in its goodness will bring forth NEW LIFE.

Jesus knew.  He created from water new wine.  In the face of His alarmed disciples, He calmed the riled up, piled up waters vexed by the wind..  He found natural amphitheaters by the shores of waters familiar to those whose feet trod the dry and dusty roads.  To the lonely, shamed woman come to draw water from the well apart from others and in the midday heat, He proclaimed, “Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never thirst again.”

They had a hinderance.  I have a hindrance.  It consumes me.  It blinds me to myself.     I need the flow, the cleansing of His Word washing me daily.  At times I am deaf to the glorious sounds of His Love, His Voice which the Psalmist describes as being like thunderous waters.  At other times, I am mute.  I am all clogged up, pressure building, ready to explode like a geyser.

I want to be blinded by His Glory, feel in my body the earth tremble with His Power, hear the Trumpet Sound of His Voice.  I want to sing and shout praises unto Him, no longer mute.  The only way out of myself is in to Him.  Flow, Sweet Jesus, to the lowest point of myself that I might be filled to overflowing with Your Grace.  Flow out of me into other hearts blind, deaf, mute.  Use these words You give us with pen in hand or fingers on keyboards to touch, to grace, to cleanse, to heal by Your Living Water.  In Your Life-giving, Life-changing Name Jesus. Amen.