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Ponderings in Changing Seasons

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Reflections on Mother

So here it is again: Mother’s Day! The Day for Mothers to be honored, gifted, cherished!

I love this day because it speaks loudly that Mothers Matter!!


MOTHER: the one who carried you under her heart before she birthed you from her soul and body!  Whether she wanted you or not, she waited long for you!  Held you in her arms!  Discovered new identity through your being!

Mother:  the one you have called for, cried out to, challenged and complained to, perhaps even complained aboutI

Mother:  the one you have longed for, if she has been missing from your life!

Mother:  the one you never stop missing when her journey here is ended!

She’s been idealized, romanticized, cursed at and coddled. She is always back there somewhere in your mind, influencing beyond words who you become.

As surely as the sun rises each day, her love makes all the difference in your life.  Whether her love flowed like the droplets of milk from her breast God created for her to give you sustenance or it was withheld out of her wounds and pain, rejecting you, rejecting her very identity, she makes a difference in who you are!

I am my mother’s daughter, being her first-born, privileged to “make” her a mother.


Yet, here is the Plan, the one that Creator God made: He designed a Mother’s Heart to be a beautiful expression of His Everlasting Love! He designed us to be nurtured and comforted in her care.


I have a little corner in my heart and in my Study which keeps my mother near. I lost her to a stroke long before God took her Home. While she could no longer communicate her heart, I knew she loved me yet. Those years were hard, wreaking pain and sorrow greater than I ever could have imagined. But her love to me is Everlasting! It has framed me, in so very many ways.


Her love has formed me, influencing many of my own choices and interests.

Writer.  She wrote volumes: postcards to family, getting more words on a 3×5 inch card than the USPS ever intended; notes of encouragement and care to many around the world; letters to officials, reminding of their moral duty to uphold God’s commandments; copying the entire Bible over several years as she worked out her grief and loneliness after my father died; attempting to learn the computer and write a book with family letters from the 1800’s in her late 80’s.  Though an accomplished typer, her penmanship echoes in my mind’s eye!  I, too, write.

Cook.  The kitchen was a playground, a place to create fun and fancy. She loved to see beyond the ordinary, as she did her culinary gymnastics! “Come, look,” she would say! “Look at this beautiful kiwi” cut wide open. “Look at this apple cut through its waist! A star!” “Listen to this ‘Singing Rice’ the Orientals make!”  I, too, love to cook and play in the kitchen.

Gardener.  She grew herbs, not just flowers! Her spring phlox cascaded down the garden wall with all the aplomb of a royal robe! And roses! Galore! “Smell! Just smell!!”  Gardening is my therapy!

Lover of Jesus.  Bible student. Prayer warrior.

Lover of People.  Knitter of 2000 pair of Booties for Babies just born.


Gatherer of Love.  Lover of Beauty.  Giver of Care.

All these and more were My Mother.

So, on this Mother’s Day, I pause. I reflect. I look at her picture young, fresh, ready for all Life would dole out to her. And ready to give, give, give her life away ~ to me, to my sister, to our brother! This, after all, is My MOTHER!