A New Leaf

Ponderings in Changing Seasons

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Cobwebs All About

I am a creature of habit ~ sometimes …  and sometimes ~ NOT!  It shows up everywhere now.  Odd how Nature has this way of showing me up!  I see it nestled in the corner by the dresser.  Oh, and there again from the photo of the grandchildren on the marble-top all the way down the side [cringe]!  Another one I see in the fading afternoon light, now clear across where the cupboard joins the floor. I pull a book from the shelf and there’s another!  Chagrined, I turn away.  There’s even one hanging from the ceiling!  Awful, that’s what it is.  These signs everywhere shouting, “NEGLECT!”  They pester me daily … now here, now another there.

But, you see, I have this other commitment: one I’ve made in my heart, to use the Gift Within to touch Beauty and evoke Wonderment.  I committed to thirty-one days, YES!  Counting them ~ DAILY!  I will put words out, I will draw them up from the deep and expose them to the light, to other eyes and hearts. I may not neglect these words in me any longer!  But, I am exposed, as well.


They are all about, growing, spreading across the inside and the outside of this place we call “Home”!  Awed by their persistence and their tenacity, I look beyond for the gift these cobwebs bring.  Could there really be something of value, some guiding lesson, in such a mundane manifestation of neglect? The Tutorial of the Cobwebs?

Neglect is not an unfamiliar dynamic in my life.  I am driven toward many things, all clustered topsy-turvy in my mind.  I’ll write that letter, send this note, take them some flowers from my yard; I’ll offer to bring soup, I’ll wash that dusty bauble, long avoided, to make it shine again.  I will make a list.  I will call her.  I will hunt for what’s lost not just treasure what’s found.  And I will read forty pages every day.  I will delete twenty emails a day.  I will dwell more consistently, more fully in God’s Word.  I will, I will, I will ….  What is it people say about honorable intentions?

But there are these COBWEBS, don’t you know?  Do you know? They crowd into my mind, they wrap themselves around my thoughts.  They muddle my way.

I do see it now, this lesson of life.  Neglect is subtle; it creeps in gradually, like the morning fog.  It grows exponentially, sending its gnarled fingers into ever-increasing areas of life.  And NEGLECT has a sister named APATHY.

Pulling out the broom and grabbing a dust cloth, I determine anew my quest to be  vigilant, to care.  As I rid each visible cobweb, I also stab the invisible enemy of my soul who tempts me to justify neglect.  I cannot, I will not neglect clearing out cobwebs of distraction, confusion and lethargy.  I will not neglect the Gift in me to weave words into a tapestry for the mind,