A New Leaf

Ponderings in Changing Seasons

Get to Know Me


Daughter of Creator God
~ Maiden Name meant “Little friend to the King” ~
~ Princess Warrior ~
~ Childhood Nicknames: Cha Chanya ~ Skinny-Ma-Rink ~ Jay Bug ~
~ Sister, Wife, mOm, Nana, Friend ~
~ Mentor, Facilitator, Sage ~

~ Heart Listener ~
~ Sheep and Lamb Tender ~
~ Truth Speaker ~
~ Lover of the HeartMender ~

~ Hearth Keeper ~
~ Family-Tie Holder:
~ Tear Dropper ~
~ Tear Catcher ~
~ Regret Cleanser ~
~ Tender Toucher ~
~ Giggle Stirrer ~
~ Gift Giver ~
~ Timekeeper.

~ Beauty Seeker ~
~ Root & Flower Nurturer ~
~ Photo Catcher ~
~ Word Sculptor.

~~ Heaven Gazer ~ Gold Walker in Eternity ~~

And M&Ms ~ never, ever turn one down. Chocolate-y, crunchy, colored morsels of joy!

2 thoughts on “Get to Know Me

  1. Dear sistah! I did get to read this evening as the sun set and the river flowed! Being past the parenting high impact years the posts that captured me most were the Heart listening and the Lenten “reflection”. Well done and beautifully crafted! I realized that I desperately need time to listen which I have allowed to be stolen by a busy vacation then being ill then deciding to teach a bible study. The time is now. This moment is filled with stillness if I can grab hold of it And I just think I will do that right now :)❤️

  2. Love that these words have inspired Quiet Listening for His Heartbeat. It is so easy to fall out of touch with His Still, Sweet Voice!

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